Frequently Asked Questions

How does this compare to 10,000 LUX lamps?

10,000 LUX treatments are a great but slightly different product.

Sperolux is a 40 HZ strobe lamp and in this case the frequency rather than the amount of light is what is creating the effect.

The brain area impacted seems to be specifically in the hippocampus which is responsible for cognitive function and memory. There are lots of studies on this effect - for a small sample, please see our research section on our site. 

This is from our factory testing with a digital oscilloscope

Sperolux 40 Hz Digital Oscilloscope


How long does it take to ship?

Based on recent shipments, the lamp should arrive within a week in the US and Canada.


Are there any shipping fees or taxes?

For a limited time, shipping and taxes are included in the price for US and Canada

International fees are calculated at checkout.


What bulb does this use? I'd like to know that it is easily replaceable.

The LED bulb unit is specially constructed so there currently is no way to replace the bulb.

However, if the bulb should stop working in the first 2 years, we will replace the whole unit free of charge.

That said, LED is very durable, lasting 25x longer than incandescent lights, generally 50,000 hours.


What is the difference between strobe mode and reading mode?


In reading mode, the light does not strobe at all.  In strobe mode, the lamp continuously strobes at 40 HZ.



Why a lamp? Why not just use an app?

Some of our early feedback suggested that users would like a lamp as opposed to an app for the strobe because they could use it hands free. This way they either rest with the light on, or some people preferred to read or walk on a treadmill. 

Our lamp is fully positionable to you can angle the light exactly where you need it, and it has a stable base to prevent it from being knocked over.

For certain users, a lamp is easier to use than an iPad, as there is only one switch to turn it on and change modes.


Any other questions?  Please feel free to contact us